August 22 2012

WHAT I’M WEARING// Unisex and Menswear

ONE// Vintage men’s shirts TWO// Unisex t-shirt & Topman jewellery THREE&FOUR// Vintage men’s shirts, dungarees & Topman sweatshirt

I’d never really thought about shopping the menswear section until realising the perfect fit of American Apparel’s unisex t-shirts.

Since then, I’ve been completely converted. Men’s clothes are much less fussy than women’s, in general, and often better quality. Pair this with cheaper prices and it’s a win-win situation.

For me, a straight silhouette is more comfortable and interesting to style. Opening my mind whilst shopping, and feeling confident enough to stray to the other side of the store, has been a good move for my wardrobe.

  • melissa whitney

    YES! One of my favorite shirts ever is a men’s button down that I got for a dollar at a thrift store. It’s wonderfully soft and comfortable, but still looks nice!

    • Sophia

      Love awesome thrift store finds too!

  • Katie

    Wow those pictures are awesome. Thank you for comment on my blog. No, I don’t study, unfortunatelly… For some personal reasons (healthy reasons) I just finished high school and I have no money to go to University so I’m going to start run my own bussiness next month and then earn some money for University and move out from Poland :) !

    • Sophia

      I’m sorry to hear that, but your plan sounds great, starting a business soon and moving! I agree, I think I have to leave this country after University..

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  • Oliver Parker

    Strangely, men’s clothing seems to suit certain women quite a lot. This has given rise to the unisexual genre and most women are seen carrying those straight silhouettes with élan. Pairing some of these menswear with oxidized metals and contemporary jewels can be an innovative and striking combination.

  • Charlottes_web

    I love shopping in menswear, it’s so easy to find a nice ‘oversized’ tee without effort, and everything is so much more comfortable. Definitely a good wardrobe move