October 4 2012

DESIGN// Sketchbook Extract Part I

Pages from my recent sketchbook.

It’s a bit daunting exposing the inside of my sketchbook to my college class, let alone the whole internet (or at least the tiny portion that reads this blog). But I love a peek at other peoples’ work, so thought I would share something too.

As mentioned here, I am in my first year of studying Textile Design at CSM. Over the summer all the students were required to collect together some visual research, based on our cultural tastes.

My focus was on the personal space I created at my family home and here in London. For me, negative space has a kind of energy. Excess colour and objects can be incredibly distracting visually, so the only ‘decoration’ about are the clothes hung on a rail and the door frame.

Here are a few sketches of these pieces.

September 27 2012

LIFE// Gets In The Way

Sometimes life gets in the way. Living in the middle of everything means you’re never short of something to do (which I love).

But in between getting a new job and a billion events happening around uni, I finally updated my About page.

If it’s getting a little quiet around here, my inspiration blog is always kept updated too.

September 21 2012

WHAT I’M WEARING// Graphic Lines

Shirt// M&S schoolwear (oh yes)
Trousers// Topshop

There’s something about a crisp white shirt.

It’s been difficult to find the right boyish cut, that is until I just bought a boy’s shirt. Now I’m happy.

Can I also just add that a number of chocolatey items were consumed wearing this shirt and yet it remains blemish free. There’s a first time for everything. *pats self on back* 

September 17 2012

INTERIORS// Clean Sheets

Soft light on clean sheets. 

I’m beginning to settle into London life now. I won’t say student life because that’s barely even started yet. (Enrolment and freshers begin later this week).

Living in the city is great though. You may laugh, but the novelty of a bus coming every 5 minutes might never wear off.

With all this perpetual craziness, however, comes the appreciation for small, quiet moments. Like the beautiful soft light that seeps through my window each afternoon.

September 13 2012


Silk shirt// Vintage
Cycling shorts// Cut-off leggings
Shoes// Vintage

Talking about menswear, here is my latest acquisition. An oversized silk shirt in this awesome shade of blue.

Feels so perfect over fitted shorts and bare legs.

September 8 2012

LIFE// Jot It Down

As a design student, you would think carrying a sketchbook should be mandatory at all times.

I’ve never done this before.

Not only is it a bit of a pain to lug around a sketchbook all day, but I get inspired by people and clothes and shops. And let’s just say there wasn’t much of that to be had from my small town in the countryside.

However, the last couple of weeks of living in London have proved that inspiration can strike at any moment. You can be walking down an average street, when suddenly from the crowd steps someone with real style. The perfectly half-tucked shirt with the perfectly crumpled sock. An unusual silhouette that you’ve never seen before. The possibilities are endless and they need to be recorded right then and there.

So I now keep these two tiny notebooks (from Muji) in my bag and wait for the moment they can be taken out and embellished.

September 4 2012

WHAT I’M WEARING// Monochrome

Black sweater// random
Skirt// Topshop
Silver socks// DIY
Boots// vintage 

Recently I love wearing all black. Mixing up a textures and shapes is much more interesting to me than colour.

Can’t resist adding some shiny socks though.

August 29 2012

LIFE// Meet Reina

 Meet Reina. Yes, the Reina.

She’s spending a few weeks here in the UK this summer and we’re pretty much inseparable now.

So far, our holiday has consisted of: shopping, ice cream, granola. Coming up: Paris, more shopping, more ice cream and granola. And moving to London.

Bring it on!

August 24 2012

WHAT I’M WEARING// Black Mohair Jacket

Mohair Jacket// Vintage (my Grandma’s)
Trousers// H&M
Bag// Issey Miyake
Shoes// The Quiet Riot 

I find myself receiving some interesting looks when wearing this jacket, and cannot work out if this is a good or bad thing.

Whatever. I like wearing it and that is what’s important.

August 22 2012

WHAT I’M WEARING// Unisex and Menswear

ONE// Vintage men’s shirts TWO// Unisex t-shirt & Topman jewellery THREE&FOUR// Vintage men’s shirts, dungarees & Topman sweatshirt

I’d never really thought about shopping the menswear section until realising the perfect fit of American Apparel’s unisex t-shirts.

Since then, I’ve been completely converted. Men’s clothes are much less fussy than women’s, in general, and often better quality. Pair this with cheaper prices and it’s a win-win situation.

For me, a straight silhouette is more comfortable and interesting to style. Opening my mind whilst shopping, and feeling confident enough to stray to the other side of the store, has been a good move for my wardrobe.

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